Zarrar Official Trailer Is Out!

Zarrar is an upcoming action thriller feature film produced by Jehan Films, a production company in Pakistan. Casting Shahan Shahid, Kiran Malik, Nadeem Baig, the story is about a rogue spy, ‘Zarrar’ on a mission to end all threats to his motherland. On his journey he uncovers all the lies and corruption is at the core of every establishment he encounters.

Line Production Turkey made all Turkey shootings possible here in Istanbul. The production used professional stunt and action team during the shootings for the fight and action scenes. There was car chase, glass bomb and jumping scenes shot with stunts. Armed combat and infighting scenes were handed planned carefully and safely.

They shoot in Eminönü, Fatih, Haydarpaşa Port and Istanbul Atatürk Airport. It lasted two weeks and the Pakistan crew enjoyed the set and the food in Istanbul. The film’s official trailer was out on 14th of June 2022. And the film itself is coming soon!