We Continue To Work For You So You Can #STAYHOME

As Deimos Brands Group, we decided to carry out our work from our homes as of 16 March 2020 in order not to be affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. At the same time, we continued to carry out our work to ensure that our valued customer’s demands are fulfilled. We designed our working system in a way that doesn’t violate any health codes. All of our sub-brands have started their online services.


How we perform our online services:


  1. We listen to your requests over the phone, mail, or video call.
  2. After receiving your requests, our team holds online meetings, discusses creative ideas according to your needs, and we budget your project and pass our offer.
  3. If you approve of the project, we work online with our directors on shooting plans.
  4. After completing our preliminary preparations, we carry out our PPMs (pre-shoot meetings) with our customers online.
  5. As soon as we receive shooting approval from our customer, we prepare the team that will appear on the field together with our experienced production team for safe and contactless shooting.
  6. All shots are state permits, and we will perform our shots in line with our official shots. We try to keep our team as minimal and effective as possible. We put the quarantine condition in their homes 14 days after the shooting. We decided to work this way until the COVID-19 outbreak ended.
  7. We follow the relevant procedures in our shootings involving fieldwork until the COVID-19 outbreak ends.
  8. We continue our “Post Production” or “desktop” movie services online. We can watch the entire post-production stage from our homes on our computers or phones and give the necessary directives.
  9. We deliver your ready-to-broadcast films and documents online or to your door as a hard drive.