Investor Relations

The goal of Deimos Brands Group is to combine it’s knowledge and experience of many years to provide the best content possible. We aim for perfection because anything less would not be acceptable. Everything has it’s time and now is the time for DBG to escalate to a brand new level. Our desire is to make films that raise the awareness of noteworthy issues around the world. For the sake of this cause DBG collaborates with Deimos Pictures and Line Production Turkey our production brands. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in DBG:
  • We produce our own intimate content.
  • We grow more and more every passing day.
  • We possess a wide range of production capabalities around every single part of the world.
  • We have 9 offices that are in a partnership with us around several parts on the globe: Turkey, Hungary, Switzerland, U.K., USA, China, India, Pakistan, U.A.E
  • We have 4 different sub brands that can succeed any kind of filming need you may or may not have: Deimos Pictures, Line Production Turkey, Photoshoot Turkey, Tabletop Food Films


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DBG Projects & Investments

DBG is a developing company. For this reason, we aim to share the necessary information to become a more transparent company when we are ready. We will need some time to set up the system that we are targeting. To date, we have completed and succeeded in transparency to our customers for more than ten years. We are approaching our investors with the same feeling and sensitivity.

Life is beautiful as it is shared

We also pursue the philosophy of “using business as a power for good”. For this reason, we always try to add favor to our business and we try to be a beneficial production company to the world.

“Light Shines in the Dark”