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As Deimos Pictures we have been working on our feature film, Elephant Steps, for almost 3 years now. We aim to collaborate our knowledge, the professionalism of 10 years, and our high spirit energy. We currently have half of the budget to shoot our film. We aim for perfection; because it’s important for us to tell the story from the right angle; the script and details have been changed and perfected over the years. Timing is everything and now is the right time to bring this film alive. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the world has been through a drastic change but our aim to heal the world with films did not change. We want to make films about the topics that are important, that will raise awareness about critical points; our feature film Elephant Steps aims just to do that. Child labor is a serious problem in various countries around the world and the measures taken against the situation are not sufficient. Deimos Pictures wants to bring more attention to this global problem with this feature film project; Elephant Steps.

Why you should consider investing in Elephant Steps?

We have a story about a real problem that needs to be told.

It will be the first Turkish film that brings light to child labor.

This film can shine a light on an important issue on a global scale and make a difference.

The company’s sole purpose is to gather visionary, successful people and projects as it has been for 10 years. The team welcomes partnerships over our feature film projects like Elephant Steps. You can find more information here.

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DBG Projects & Investments

DBG is a developing company. For this reason, we aim to share the necessary information to become a more transparent company when we are ready. We will need some time to set up the system that we are targeting. To date, we have completed and succeeded in transparency to our customers for more than ten years. We are approaching our investors with the same feeling and sensitivity.

Life is beautiful as it is shared

We also pursue the philosophy of “using business as a power for good”. For this reason, we always try to add favor to our business and we try to be a beneficial production company to the world.

“Light Shines in the Dark”