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Deimos Brands Group owns 5 sub-brands that specialises in different production services.

Deimos Pictures is a company that produces its own films.

YFY Films provides production services to many known brands and agencies in Turkey.

Line Production Turkey provides production services to many known brands and agencies around the world.

PhotoShoot Turkey provides production services for photoshoots.

TableTop Food Films shoots food commercial and close up photos for restaurants and FMC brands.

Deimos Brands Group is a multi-brand company created by Uluç Yemen Aslan and Uras Aslan. The multi-brand company was formed after years of progression of our sub-brands. Overall DBG incorporates 5 different production brands. Deimos Pictures, YFY Films, Line Production Turkey, PhotoShoot Turkey, TableTop Food Films.

Inverstor Relations

As Deimos Brands Group we care about our Inverstors.  The company’s purpose is gathering new visionary and successful people & projects as it has been done for 10 years.  DBG is a self-renewing organization that believes in innovation and sees the future…

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