DBG Family Is Welcoming The Holiday!

As Deimos Brands Group in we are happy to welcome the holiday. Before going out on a holiday vacation as a team we have celebrated this feast with our DBG family in our new office. This holiday does not mean to cease working for us but rather filling up with energy with our loved ones to fully focus on our projects. The energy of happy and joyful atmosphere in the country-wide will stimulate the creativeness of our team. Our increasingly warm memories surround us in our 12th year. These pleasant emotions motivate us and we become more and more proud to serve as a family. We keep up with our creative contents and line productions. As the summer is the fertile season for filmmaking, now the Eid spreads serenity to our country. As DBG we wish you and your loved ones happy holiday!

Stay tuned, joyful things are happening at DBG!